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We caught up with Andra to find out what she’s learned from her favorite picks — and to find out a little more...

Critical information for those impacted by the war in Ukraine supports Ukrainian refugees through a network of over 400 legal experts and psychological support professionals from more than 30 countries. It will...

Google’s annual Ads Safety Report 2021

Suspending triple the number of advertiser accountsAs we shared in our 2020 report, we’ve seen an increase in fraudulent activity during the pandemic....

Humans Behind Search: Meet Matt

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What is consciousness? | New Scientist

Consciousness is, for each of us, all there is: the world, the self, everything. But consciousness is also subjective and difficult to define.... wants to make parenthood equitable for all

The path to parenthood looks different for everyone, but one element of becoming a parent is universal: the need for quality healthcare and...

Update on cyber activity in Eastern Europe

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has been closely monitoring the cybersecurity activity in Eastern Europe with regard to the war in Ukraine. Since...

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